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  • Jim Rut's AdvisorCraft

AdvisorCRAFT Performance Club

A Unique “Performance Club” designed for financial advisors, leaders and sales professionals who want to master the art of high performance.

Could you be a better advisor if you had the insider information on how top advisors around the world run their business?

Would you perform better, sell more and get stuck less if you could get current, proven and money making advice from one of the industry’s top performance consultants?

What if you had someone help you customize the world’s best advice and give it to you in plain language every month?

Join Jim Ruta, an internationally recognized coach, as he delivers perspective changing strategies that are current and provoking.

Your AdvisorCRAFT Performance Club membership includes:
• Monthly 60 minute podcasts
• Special Reports
• Access to the Expert Institute
• Online Resource Library
• Unlimited Q & A with Jim
• Access to our Podcast Library

Your Investment for AdvisorCRAFT Performance Club: $19.95/month

AdvisorCRAFT Managed Study Groups

A Study Group is a small group of like-minded agents/advisors/staff who get together regularly to explore their businesses with their peers and to work on ways to make them better.

Study groups can be very valuable to any advisor and any team if implemented effectively. The challenge is setting them up and managing them properly so everyone wins. That’s where AdvisorCRAFT Managed Study Groups from Jim Ruta and Expert Institute come in. We manage the group program, so all you have to do is receive the incredible rewards of a study group.

We invite advisors at similar levels of production, experience and expertise to form a study group The production levels among the advisors will be similar, as well as their firm structure and attitudes and values toward the business. This matching is important so there can be learning among the members. Membership numbers can vary but will usually be from 6 to 10.

Agenda topics routinely include:
• Individual state of your business review
• Current business challenges
• Recent business successes
• Big case post mortems
• Staff and HR issues
• Future business plans
• Goals and Objectives and
• Industry concerns, among others important to your group.

Expert Institute organizes and hosts the meeting. Jim Ruta, an internationally respected coach and insurance industry analyst with decades of real world agent and training and development experience is your host and moderates the meeting to keep the proceedings on track with your cooperation.

For more information and to book your AdvisorCRAFT™ Managed Study Group or join a Study Group in Vancouver, Calgary or Toronto, contact Michelle


Every member of
Managed Study Group

receives a free subscription to

AdvisorCRAFT Private Coaching

Individual attention with one of the most revered coaches in the financial services industry.

Jim is one of the best business coaches in the world. He helps me think better. What Jim offers is vital at a time when so few are taught the necessary skills to achieve at the highest levels. His perspective is valuable everywhere, not just in Canada and the U.S.”

If your sales cycle is too long and you’re beginning to feel invisible and ineffective due to under-performance, it’s time to put things into perspective. Now is the time to examine your practice habits and measure those against your visceral aptitude.

You can increase your production. Even top producers suffer from lack of enthusiasm and under-reaching in the middle of learning curves especially when intimidated by the rapid advances of technology on the whole and social media specifically. Left to its own momentum, social media will rob you of productive daily

It’s one thing to rise to the level of top producer. It’s quite another to maintain and increase production while global and local destabilizing events in the economy and in your life are the very definition of uncertain times.

Seasoned veteran, author and consultant Jim Ruta, BA, RHU, has some answers for new and seasoned advisors who are committed to the progressive realization of a worthy goal. Working
with advisors around the world, Jim offers private coaching for those who prefer a more intimate setting.

For more information and to book your AdvisorCRAFT™ Private Coaching Session, contact Michelle Brown: