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From an everyday, ordinary, life insurance industry superstar.  

Did you see the huge crowds at MDRT this year and in years past? Always lined up out the door. 

No insurance advisor attracts a bigger audience than insurance icon, George Sigurdson from Winnipeg, Manitoba. The reason is simple. George is totally relatable, and his ideas are totally transferable, and his presentations are totally enjoyable. 

SOLIS is proud to bring you George Sigurdson in conversation with Jim Ruta on Tuesday, October 4th, 2022 at 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. Remember, even if you can’t attend, you can subscribe to SOLIS and get THE VIDEO, THE TRANSCRIPT, and any HANDOUTS to use at your convenience. You just don’t want this to happen without you. 

Regardless of your tenue, marketplace, style, or strategies, George has something for everyone who wants to take their business up a few levels of performance. His pain talk, honest and friendly style, and compelling stories about the value of life insurance products attracts not only great prospects and their business but also introductions because people want to share him and his ideas with their friends. George always makes a referrer look great – and that drives more prestige referrals and introductions.   

For more than 50 years George has been telling sales stories that explain the value of insurance and helping his prospects understand why they need to buy all they can. You’ll hear about his “Buckets Story” for planning and introductory “4 Stages of Life” story that sets up the value first.

George and I will go deep into his sales stories so you will understand and easily be able to add one or two to your approach. The result will be more and bigger business, faster.   

This is your opportunity to learn from a world-class prospector who works across all markets, all demographics, all products and has a balance in his life, you want to know more about George Sigurdson – Siggy to his friends. Learn from someone who is just as comfortable in a corporate boardroom with executives and owners as he is with Professional Athletes, young families, and University graduates. George is the peoples’ advisor. There is no more successful advisor in the world that is this “down to earth”, easy to understand, and so willing to share all his secrets to help advisors everywhere achieve the success and satisfaction he has.   

For those who don’t know… George B. Sigurdson, CLU, started at the age of 19 and is a 48-year MDRT member with two Court of the Table and 21 Top of the Table honors. Sigurdson, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is the president of Sigurdson Financial Group, with more than 3,000 clients and $200 million of investment assets, and Sigurdson Financial Benefits, that manages benefits and pensions for more than 200 corporate clients. George is “Mr. Winnipeg” and is heavily involved in his community – everyone knows George. He is also passionate about giving back to the industry and speaks frequently at industry events around the world. Sigurdson is the author of “In Search of Friends,” a handbook for young agents starting in the business. It’s his passion.

I’m blessed to say that George and I have been friends for more than 40 years as competitors, hockey players, and colleagues. His story and strategies are unbelievable to some, but I know they are true and fabulously successful. 

Watch and listen as George and I are in conversation about his: 

  •  Amazing prospecting strategy that feeds his more than 400 new sales each year even today
  •  Approach to the younger, middle-income market to sell cash value life insurance and more
  •  Best Sales Stories – including the “Buckets Presentation” and more
  •  Belief in insurance and how he proves it
  •  Best advice to anyone who wants to be their best and qualify for TOT
  •  And more!

George’s folksy style and practical approach to business building. His ideas are simple and straightforward. Anyone can put them to use in any 

market and they are transferable to any style or business focus. His ideas work as well in high-end business and family markets. 

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You’ll love the “continuous, infectious, enthusiasm and inspiration” that’s like having a world class sales meeting in your office every month. And who can’t use an extra boost when building their business? 

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See you soon. 


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