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Are you a Life Insurance Advisor who wants to do better? Much better?

  •  Do you want to be a more successful life insurance advisor?
  •  Would you like a proven process to sell life insurance and related products in your market?
  •  Would you like to know how to market and promote yourself and your service most effectively?
  •  Do you want to know how to prospect better for more insurance sales?
  •  Would you like to know what you best market is?
  •  Would you like to clarify your insurance sales process?

Advisorcraft SOLIS is Your Answer!

For more than 20 years, Advisorcraft has been at the forefront of the effort to preserve, promote and propel the life insurance advisor development business. With Advisorcraft SOLIS we are bringing you the best sales training strategies from the best trainers and advisors so you can be the best you can be. 

Our pandemic experience is proving what top advisors have known for years – that life insurance advisors with a compelling story and a powerful process succeed no matter what. Good times or bad times, live or virtual, and regardless of market, when you work a proven system that you believe in, you will achieve at your highest possible levels.  

If you want that kind of return from your effort and like to work with a group of like-minded professionals, you will love Jim Ruta’s new “School of Life Insurance Selling” or SOLIS, by Advisorcraft.

You will dramatically increase clarity, consistency, and commissions when you join SOLIS. Jim Ruta has decades of experience working with life insurance professionals at all levels including the very top and will help you craft clarity out of confusion and elevate your insurance business to the next level or two. With his extraordinary contacts around the world, you will get upgraded ideas all the time.

Unique Training Approach

Better yet, Jim uses his expert interview approach proven at Masterclasses, Afterburners, and The Canada Sales Congress to bring you top subject matter experts in lively conversation each month to provide a unique engaging, entertaining, and educational sales development program. Jim brings you the Masters of the business to help you Master your business. 

SOLIS is a new, virtual, monthly study group program for advisors that meets online to improve their systems and processes and increase their life insurance sales process and performance. 

Learn from Leaders!

SOLIS is coached personally by coach to industry icons, Jim Ruta who knows what works in this business and what doesn’t. The SOLIS faculty includes some of the world’s best sales trainers and coaches so you get the words, questions, and stories that you can use to be your best. Jim has put all he learned from years of research with top advisors around the world together into ICON Protocol™, the heart of the program and the Essential Financial Security strategy that makes it work. But that isn’t all. Jim will also expose you to different successful ideas too, so you are bound to find one that fits your style. 

Remember, as Van Mueller says, “There are 2200 members of Top of the Table. That means that there are at least 2200 different ways to be a great success in the life insurance business. 

Get the Specifics

This is a very different life insurance tactical coaching program and will give you specific sales, practice management, and business development ideas you cannot get anywhere else from anyone else. It is intended for life insurance licensed advisors who aspire to greatness and who want to clarify, build out, and strengthen their sales process to optimize their performance and income. 

You will clarify your sales process and your business so you can attract all the business you want and life the life you want to. You will learn how to have a “life” and not just a “work”. Learn how to make a wonderful living and build a wonderful life at the same time.     

Clarify Your Sales and Business Development Processes

Jim’s Essential Financial Security™ strategy is just one of the ideas you will learn. It repositions comprehensive financial planning so that clients and prospects “Plan While Protected – Not Plan While Exposed”. Practice River demonstrates how to make this happen in your business to increase both client peace of mind and your business revenue. You’ll learn how to reconfigure your sales process to make it most effective for all concerned.

Sales Process 

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SOLIS will continually work on and help refine this 12-step ongoing process to make it most effective for you. We start with your Lead Story – your inspiration for being in the business and the lead story you tell to attract business. 

  •  Lead Story – Craft an inspirational business story that explains your motivation to do what you do so that you attract prospect interest and can start the process effectively.
  •  Marketing – Discover and fine tune what you must do to become known in your natural market for your lead story expertise. How to set up prospecting with social media. 
  •  Prospecting – Learn what to say and do to ask or convince your market to speak with you about what you do. Prospecting is just asking if you can help someone. 
  •  Approach – Find out how to build a new prospect’s desire to move forward through the process with you and solve the issues that inspire you.
  •  Engagement – Learn a compelling way and time to explain what the deal is when working with you; how you work; and how you commit your prospect to working with you.
  •  Fact-find – Discover exactly what information you need to make an on-target, compliant recommendation quickly.
  •  Analysis – Determining what makes sense for your prospect their situation and then how to explain it so they take advantage.
  •  Presentation – Here’s how to present your recommendations, so prospects understand and accept them easily and quickly.
  •  Agreement – Strategies for what to say and do to get your prospect to formally accept, agree to your proposal, and buy.
  •  Delivery – Learn the process for finalizing and cementing the sale and making it a special occasion for the prospects to reduce buyer’s remorse and increase business persistency. How to provide an effective “Reasons Why” and “Thank You” Letter.
  •  Earning Referrals – A simple process by referring to the Engagement to expand your influence, business, and ideas to others. 
  •  Reviews – How to set up regular policy reviews, annually in advance and what to do when you do them. Also, how to use Reviews as a marketing and prospecting strategy.

We will help you analyze your existing process and then add to and adjust it to produce the results that you want. Your approach will evolve over time and develop your highest and best use. 

Analysis will be based in providing Essential Financial Security first so prospects and clients don’t plan while exposed to insurable threats but plan while protected from them.  You will be more focused, more confident, more productive, and more referrable. You will create your BEST Business with SOLIS.

Be Inspired by Industry Icons

Jim Ruta’s top clients and superstar industry contacts like George Sigurdson and Van Mueller will make guest appearances to provide deeper insight into the sales and business practices that are working today. 

And each month will feature another industry training ICON to give you the best ideas possible too.  Jim will show you how to adapt those ideas effectively into your system today so you can accelerate your performance tomorrow. 

Is SOLIS for You?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you will benefit from SOLIS:

  •  I am a life insurance licensed advisor who wants to earn at least a six-figure income from life insurance product sales or multiply my current sales performance.
  •  I want to keep growing my life insurance clientele to help more and sell more.
  •  I am interested to know how social media marketing can make me a “thought leader” in my business community and drive business to me.  
  •  I want to make the most of today’s new virtual sales and marketing opportunities and multiply my business.
  •  I want to focus my effort and become a subject matter expert for my natural market.
  •  I want to simplify my approach to be more effective and have more time for myself and my family.
  •  I want to know what top insurance advisors do now to produce their sales and how to modify and implement those ideas successfully in my business.
  •  I am open to new ideas and approaches to make my business better.
  •  I am willing to take advice and make necessary changes to my current system and processes. 
  •  I can devote 3 hours per month to building by business.

Meet Monthly and Have Anytime Access

SOLIS meets monthly on Thursdays for two hours for a live sales development session that is recorded so you never have to worry about scheduling conflicts. You can always get value from your SOLIS subscription. Members also receive: 

  1. A subscription to Advisorcraft Online for a mega resource of great ideas – that’s 135 hours of podcasts and over 1,500 pages of tactical resources. Valued at $20 USD each month.
  2. An autographed copy of “How to Win Sales and Increase Profits”. Valued at $20 CAD 
  3. All handouts and ideas discussed during meetings. Valued at $50 per month.
  4. Video Recording of each program. Valued at $395.
  5. Jim’s personal email and mobile numbers so you can get short questions answered between meetings. Valued at $100 per month.   
  6. 30 minutes of “Spot Coaching” with Jim or one of his coaching team. Valued at $500.

SOLIS really is a ray of sunshine into the sales development business that will show you the way to building your greatest sales success. The value is over $1,000 per month but…

Your SOLIS Investment…

…is just $197 per month plus tax with a minimum one-year commitment for qualifying advisors. 

Advisors can enrol anytime and join the sales training cycle anytime and then keep on over the years to keep increasing their success. 

Want to Sit in on a Special SOLIS Session?

You can! Monthly meetings are open to single registrations at $395 if there is a specific topic about which you want to know more. Email [email protected] for more details…

Register today as a Charter Member of SOLIS and receive a FREE copy of Top of the Table life insurance icon, George Sigurdson’s best seller “In Search of Friends – A Guide to Prospecting” valued at $20. 

Next SOLIS session Tuesday, May 3, 2022 

1:00 to 3:00pm EST

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