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You need Advisorcraft Online. This is a monthly podcast and report self-coaching featuring 10 years worth of information on all ICON Protocol™ topics – Inspiration, Communication, Organization and Numeration. Learn what you need to know about almost every topic you can think of in the business. Written by Jim Ruta, this program includes his research and learning from over 4 decades as a student of the life insurance business.

Included also is one monthly email question and answer from Jim.

List topics including 8 to 12-page Special Report and Podcast:

  1. The Anatomy of a Sales Call
  2. Pre-Prospecting – The art of getting people to take your call
  3. Extreme Selling
  4. Life Insurance Power Phrases
  5. Questioning Everything
  6. Springboard to Second Half Success
  7. The Best of the Canada Sales Congress
  8. How to Iconify Your Practice
  9. 7 Things that Don’t Matter Until They Matter
  10. How to Prospect on Purpose
  11. How to Make Prospects
  12. How to be Hard to Compete With
  13. ICON Protocol Business Planning
  14. The 2 Things you must get right to Excel
  15. Wowing Everyone – Service without Segmentation
  16. Scripts Advisors Must Have
  17. The Key to Prolific Prospecting
  18. How to Make Your Most Important Business Decision
  19. How to have Style
  20. Success is not about Perfect
  21. Bionic Prospecting
  22. Video Prospecting
  23. 7 Performance Triggers
  24. Getting More Done More Quickly
  25. How to do a Policy Review
  26. Delivering Like an ICON
  27. How to Stay on Track and Get More Done
  28. Public Speaking as Prospecting
  29. 12 Sales Mistakes that Keep You Average
  30. How to Create an ICON Business Model
  31. Revelation Questions – How to Get Prospects to Sell Themselves
  32. 5 Ways to Boost Your Business Today
  33. Handling the Beachball Opportunity
  34. Today’s Replacement for Prospecting
  35. Power Assisting Prospecting with Marketing
  36. The Prospecting Mindset and More
  37. Negating Objections
  38. Activating the ICON Protocol
  39. Taking the Sting out of Prospecting
  40. What ICONs Measure
  41. How to Find Prospects Anywhere
  42. Being an ICON
  43. The Art of Asking
  44. Fifty Shades of “I Don’t Want to”
  45. The Potential of Permanent Life Insurance and How to Use It
  46. How to Use Lessons from the US Presidential Primaries
  47. How to Bulletproof Your Sales Calls
  48. Re-energizing Your Production in 5 Steps
  49. Fast Start Fundamentals
  50. The “Preparation G” Syndrome
  51. The Professional’s Playbook – 12 Steps to Being a Professional Life Insurance Advisor
  52. SEAL Secrets to Business Success
  53. How to Set Goals that Matter Enough So You Achieve them
  54. How to Start a New Client Meeting Effectively
  55. How to Immunize Your Insurance Clientele Against Replacement
  56. How to Deliver a Life Insurance Policy
  57. Lessons for the Masters
  58. The Tricks for More Trade – How to get out of a Rut
  59. Farming for Business
  60. The Art of High-Performance Prospecting
  61. 11 Steps to Being a Professional Life Insurance Advisor
  62. How to Start the Life Insurance Discussion
  63. Success Sentences
  64. Things the Prevent High Performance
  65. How to Adapt Your Business to Anti-Spam Laws
  66. The 7 Ps of Protection Performance
  67. What’s Your Hook?
  68. Slumps, Slum Preventers and Slump Busters
  69. 8 Promises Advisors Must Keep
  70. Finding the Winning Perspective in Selling
  71. How to Coach Yourself
  72. How to Make Service a Savvy Sales Strategy
  73. Best Year Ever!
  74. How to be Sticky
  75. Building Sales Confidence
  76. A Good Business Needs More than a Good Process
  77. It’s Saturday!
  78. The 5 Ps of High-Performance Marketing
  79. What do you do?
  80. How to Focus so You Have a Passionate Story to Tell
  81. The Art of High-Performance Focus
  82. The Will Funding Approach
  83. What you can Learn for Mexican Beach Vendors
  84. Independent Professional Capacity
  85. How to be Great
  86. How to Focus
  87. Ready for Anything
  88. Top 10 Ways to Develop More Business Over the Summer
  89. UP Time
  90. How to be a Prospecting Advisor
  91. 4 More Reasons to Sell Life Insurance as a Stand-alone Product
  92. Clients First, Last and Always
  93. Creating a Litigation Resistant Business
  94. 5 Steps to More Referrals
  95. 45 Ways to get a Fast Start
  96. Multiplication by the Elimination of Distraction
  97. How to Communicate so People Really Listen
  98. How to Answer Your Prospect’s Number One Question
  99. PowerPointing Your Presentation
  100. The 11 Decisions You Have to Make
  101. How to Start, Build and Keep Trust Relationships
  102. Success and Large Numbers


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