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SOLIS is the School of Life Insurance Sales. SOLIS was developed so that advisors are not alone anymore. We are with them, and we explain in detail with case-studies and written materials, the entire professional life insurance sales cycle. We provide a deep, and professional sales process that keeps the client in the center of the process and provide them the unique benefit of all classes of life insurance product. We educate some members, and we refresh others, but we deliver the timeless truths, and field-tested sales ideas and systems that help more. We know that when advisors help more, they sell more. 




  1. Get the systems. processes and tactics that build a high-performance, high-quality, and high value life insurance business.  
  2. Get the words, stories, and questions that attract the right clients and extract the right information to create the right solutions to what they want.
  3. The best sales development information available anywhere delivered live and recorded by world-class coaches, trainers, and advisors.  

Advisorcraft programs are intense but entertaining conversations between well known experts that know the business and do the business. This is not traditional “talking heads” training from people who studied a manual. We provide answers to the most important and compelling problems that life insurance advisors face anywhere around the globe, and we get those answers from real advisors. We go deep into what it takes to be the best. Our programs are delivered virtually and where and when possible live where the audience is available. We provide the training that delivers product and technical knowledge to help clients get the essential financial security they want, while there is still time. All our sessions are recorded so participants can have lifetime access to this information and inspiration on any device, anywhere, at anytime. You can train on your own time. 

Advisorcraft’s mission is to preserve, promote, and propel the life insurance advisor business worldwide. To do that we provide aspiring advisors with the insight, information, and inspiration that makes average advisors, good; good advisors, great; and great advisors, icons. We believe that being a professional life insurance agent or advisor is a noble undertaking that deserves focused sales training, business development, and industry recognition. It is a necessary role on anyone’s estate and financial planning team. Our focus is to help them provide top quality advice and implementation of essential financial security products for individuals, families, business owners, and employees that enhance peace of mind and quality of life.

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Get the systems. processes and tactics that build a high-performance, high-quality, and high value life insurance business.

  • Learn prospecting techniques that will help you grow your business faster.
  • Discover the deep meaning and real-life applicability of scores of life insurance sales ideas and business development concepts.
  • Get a winning perspective on the life insurance business so you can build positively. 
  • Get the scripts, talking points, words, questions, and stories that will make you more competent, more confident, and then more courageous to provide the best advice you have to your prospects and clients. 
  • Learn how to manage your practice for maximum effect and return on your investment of time, resources, and energy.
  • Find new ways of managing your time to get better results with more focused effort.
  • Learn how to plan for high performance and stay on track to achieve at the highest level.