How to be Better than “The 1 in 100”

SOLIS #4 - June 8, 2022, 1PM EST– Featuring Van Mueller

“The biggest reason average life insurance agents don’t become awesome life insurance agents is that they don’t have a repeatable way to assimilate the sales ideas that will get them there.” says international life insurance industry icon, Van Mueller.

In SOLIS #4 for June 2022, Van will show you how to internalize, personalize, and naturalize his questions and strategies (and others too!) so you can make the quantum leap in production you want. You don’t have to be average; you can be awesome or “awesomer”. You know Van for his amazing prospecting questions, emotional fact finder and industry leading sales strategies but this time will be different.

This time Van gives you the short course on how to make these ideas truly YOURS – so you can take advantage of them completely. Van has shared so much over the years, but it bothers him that there is so little uptake on the...

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How to be a Professional Life Insurance Agent

SOLIS #3 – Featuring Lawrence Ian Geller  

Do you want your business to be Smart, Focused, Sustainable, and Profitable? SOLIS #3 will introduce you to everything you need to know.

Many people are embarrassed to be called a Life Insurance Agent but not our next guest industry icon at SOLIS. Lawrence Ian Geller is an extraordinarily successful Canadian insurance professional and as he says, “I’m not a tax or estate lawyer, tax accountant, or a trust officer. I help clients make informed decisions about their life insurance needs, period.” Lawrence is a professional Life Insurance Agent of the highest order and here’s why you should be too. 

I promise this will be a session like you have never experienced from an icon everyone needs to hear. This is for any “agent” green, good, or great. When you know from Lawrence, “What I have learned” you will have the basis to take your business anywhere you want to go.

If there...

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Do You Want More High Value Sales Appointments?


Sponsored by “Life Preservers”

Customplan Financial Advisors, Foresters Financial Group/Canada Protection Plan, Bruce Etherington & Associates, Inforce Life, and media sponsor,

After a hugely successful debut with industry icon Bruce Etherington, SOLIS continues with Episode 002 and international industry icon, Sandro Forte! 

Sandro Forte FCII, FPFS, FPSA is the CEO of the Forte Financial Group, one of the UK’s most highly respected and recognised financial advisory and wealth management firms. Sandro has built a business that centres on relationships and client service. He represents the interests of some of the UK's wealthiest and highest profile sports stars, celebrities, and business owners, with all new enquiries coming from personal introduction from existing clients or from other professionals. He proudly leads a business which has never had an advice or service-related complaint in its entire...

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Do you want to be Great(er)?

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2022

Whether you are green, good, or great, you can always be better. If you’re tired of not achieving your potential in this business and you believe that it’s because you don’t know how to sell professionally well enough. Are you smart but not savvy enough to achieve at the highest level?  

You can be great(er) with SOLIS. You can:  

  • Find more prospects and know what to say to make them clients when you do.  
  • Make more appointments from the same number of prospects.  
  • Know how to choose the right product.  
  • Make a better and more successful presentations.  
  • Can close more deals and help more people.  
  • Know how to service your business more effectively to get more repeat business.  
  • Can do virtual sales more professionally.   

You don’t have to use business development ideas that apply ONLY TO investment and financial planning practices and expect to be insurance all-stars. Except insurance industry...

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Advisorcraft Media Announces SOLIS Online Life Insurance Advisor Development Program

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2022

 To fill the gap created by the industry evolution away from professional sales and the subsequent advisor productivity and consumer coverage losses, Advisorcraft Media announces SOLIS – School of Life Insurance Sales, its new online life insurance sales development program. SOLIS is a Spanish word meaning sun and this program promises to be a ray of sunshine in the advisor development space. 

This monthly membership sales training program gives licensed life insurance agents at all levels and anywhere the opportunity to learn timeless and field-tested sales strategies that help advisors help their clients make the right decisions for themselves and their families while they can. SOLIS will be presented live and recorded for member use later. The goal is to provide better client service and better essential financial security products through better advisor productivity.

SOLIS, to start January 27, 2022, uses a unique conversational training style proven in other...

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FREE Proven Retirement Market Sales Strategies in Time for RRSP Season

retirement sales strategy Nov 22, 2021

Are you a Canadian financial advisor who wants to take their business up a few levels?

Want to take advantage of the RRSP Season this year like never before? 

Would you like the words, questions, and stories that made you a superstar in the retirement and pre-retirement marketplace? 

Would you like the proven tactics that sell more guaranteed income products and guaranteed legacy products to Boomers and Gen Xers? 

Would you like to get them from North America’s pre-eminent retirement income specialist -  FOR FREE?

You can! Take advantage of an amazing webinar featuring my friend Tom Hegna and me as we give you the low down on what’s up in the retirement market. We’ll explain the highlights of Tom’s new book with me and Mike Morrow, “Don’t Worry, Retire Happy – 7 Steps to Retirement Security for Canadians”. This webinar will be the best 55 minutes you will spend all year if you want to accelerate your business...

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Finally, proven sales ideas that YOU can use in YOUR market

  •  Would you like to sell hundreds of cases in a young family and small business market every year like a Top of the Table producer does himself? 
  • Would you like the details of what he says and does to get the prospects and business that make him TOT every year? 
  •  Would you like to know how he schedules 4 to 5 appointments every working day and still takes months off each year?
  • Would you like the video too? 

You can, when you attend the TWO-HOUR Advisorcraft George Sigurdson Masterclass, Tuesday, November 9th, 2021, at 1:00PM Eastern Time. Register right now! And remember, you also get the Zoom Video to review again and again at your leisure. 

George Sigurdson is not your stereotypical Top of the Table Qualifier. He’s an Everyday Superstar. Rather than focusing on just a few mega cases each year, he still writes hundreds of cases. And rather than just the high-end business market, the average age of his current clients is just 24. That...

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How is a “life insurance practice” different from a “life insurance business”?

When I started in 1977, most everyone thought of this as a “career”. We talked about “business” and then “practice” became popular. It’s too bad too.

There is a lot of self-important talk about “practitioners in practice” today, but it hasn’t helped most advisors be more effective or productive. It has even made life worse for many. They are waiting for calls rather than making them.

Talk of “practice” comes from two mistaken beliefs. The first is that this is a profession like medicine or the law. It isn’t. It doesn’t have to be either. We are “dictionary professionals” who “make a trade of a specific endeavour, vocation or calling” to be sure. But, we aren’t doctors or lawyers, and that’s a good thing. Financial planning is much more an “art” than a science of higher learning anyway.

The second reason is that their work embarrasses many financial...

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What do you think about the long-standing practice in our business of offering clients A, B and C options as part of a presentation?

It is just dead wrong as it is generally practiced today. With due respect to Burt Miezel (a major proponent), this is an approach that no longer has validity in today’s world. You have to stop being an “optioneer” if you want to be a most trusted advisor to your clients.

The problem is three-fold.

First, by offering optional solutions to a client problem, you demonstrate that you have not likely done sufficient diagnosis of the problem to direct them specifically.

Secondly, if you won’t tell your clients what to do, why do they need you anyway? Clients need leadership, guidance and advice more today then ever. They want to know what to do specifically. They need your professional opinion. They don’t want to go with their gut and just guess. Doctors do not routinely give options for treatment. They do their homework and then set your course of treatment.

After all, how can a “non-expert” be expected to make the appropriate decision without...

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Should I do a complete financial plan before making product recommendations?

While “Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice” is generally true, it isn’t in this case.

The people change in a market but the problems stay the same. Just the numbers are different. So, if you have an idea of who your prospect is, you already know what their needs might be. You just have to work out the details.

But, time is of the essence for life, disability, critical illness and long term care insurance. Prospects might think that you have to be dead not to be able to buy life insurance. But we know differently. Money pays for insurance but only good health buys it. Everyone walks the line of insurability and no one knows when we’ll cross over.

Professional advisors recognize this critical difference and act immediately in the prospects best interest. This is “Professional Urgency”.

When referred to a prospect with no life insurance and obvious needs – young children and a stay at home mom – do you spend weeks working out a...

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