David H. Kinder

These books are at the TOP of my recommended reading list from now on! There are lots of great classic books (John Savage "High Touch Selling", Ben Feldman "The Feldman Method", and Frank Bettger "How I went from Failure to Success in Selling")... but THIS book TOPS THEM ALL! Why does it top them all? 1) It's only 101 pages, but it's PACKED with hard hitting paragraphs on Jim's beliefs, tactics, mindset, and philosophy behind success in this business. 2) It's modern and current. The other books I mentioned... were last written in the 90's. Things have changed since then and Jim addresses much of them - such as the perceived conflicts of interest of commissions vs the "holier than thou" position of fee-based practitioners (my words, not his). 3) He brings the REALITY to various parts of our business. Such as the fact that referrals will NEVER be automatic. But you can create processes to help make it comfortable and top of mind. You need this book in your library... and you can't get it on Amazon. If you're in the United States, allow a couple of weeks for international shipping, but you need this book in your library.

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