Do you want to be Great(er)?

Feb 28, 2022

Whether you are green, good, or great, you can always be better. If you’re tired of not achieving your potential in this business and you believe that it’s because you don’t know how to sell professionally well enough. Are you smart but not savvy enough to achieve at the highest level?  

You can be great(er) with SOLIS. You can:  

  • Find more prospects and know what to say to make them clients when you do.  
  • Make more appointments from the same number of prospects.  
  • Know how to choose the right product.  
  • Make a better and more successful presentations.  
  • Can close more deals and help more people.  
  • Know how to service your business more effectively to get more repeat business.  
  • Can do virtual sales more professionally.   

You don’t have to use business development ideas that apply ONLY TO investment and financial planning practices and expect to be insurance all-stars. Except insurance industry all-stars are doing something else altogether. You need life insurance business specific business development ideas, training, and coaching.  

So, if you want to be a top insurance sales professional and earn what they earn. Or if you are underperforming your potential today and you want to learn from the best in the business – like Bruce Etherington, Sandro Forte, Van Mueller, George Sigurdson, and others, you need SOLIS. It’s all about helping you do what all-stars do. 

SOLIS is the new, live, virtual “School Of Life Insurance Sales” dedicated to providing new and veteran life insurance advisors the professional sales skills they need to build their best business. A monthly subscription program you can start anytime and cancel anytime, SOLIS uses a conversational approach between world-class coaches, trainers, and top life insurance advisors and me. We will cover every aspect of the professional sales process and discuss it in detail with a top producing practitioner. This is not a boring program recorded years ago. It is a dynamic program that changes as the world changes and gives you the latest tactics from top advisors that are using them every day. There is nothing like it.  

You’ll learn timeless truths, time-tested strategies and tactics, and new ideas that boost your business. You receive recordings AND TRANSCRIPTS of each session,  educational handouts, a subscription to Advisorcraft Online coaching reports and podcasts, and exposure to some of the best advisors in the world. This way you can model the best in the business.  

Get more details and register at Contact me, Jim Ruta at [email protected] for more information or to join our growing list of sponsors. If you’ve already joined congratulations. If you know anyone who should know about SOLIS too, please pass this note along. They will thank you. Me too.    

You are not alone! 

SOLIS starts Tuesday, March 1, 2022 with Bruce Etherington. April features the great Sandro Forte from the UK on filling your appointment book .

God bless.



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