How to Do the Proper Job and Stand Out - Not Just Make a Sale

bhupinder anand Nov 23, 2022

SOLIS # 10 – Featuring Bhupinder Anand, London, England

It wasn’t always “make one sale and qualify for MDRT” for Bhupinder Anand. He didn’t always return from a speaking trip to a desk full A-list referrals and introductions. He wasn’t always one of the best insurance and financial advisors on the planet.

He had to develop sales techniques and stories that over the past 30 years have resulted in a process that is second to none anywhere. It’s those innovative sales development ideas that helped him grow into the advisor he is today and that he will share with SOLIS members on Tuesday, December 6th from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm Eastern Standard time.

In his first wildly successful Advisorcraft Masterclass in May of 2021, Bhupinder explained his Financial Architecture branding and approach and summarized his sales techniques. This session will be different, he will explain the powerful evolution of that branding including the critical Three Layers of Foundation that he has added. Then there will be a lot more.  

This dynamic sales story of his will set the stage for a deep dive into the specific sales tips, techniques, and questions he uses every day in business to get the business he does today. These are the ideas you can adopt and adapt to be yours.

What’s more, Bhupinder and I know that you can’t BE BHUPINDER from watching a video, but you can listen to and adapt, personalize, and adopt his ideas and make them your own. That means our SOLIS conversation will, dig deep into the details to reveal the THEMES of his processes so you can implement them. I’ll make sure of that.

Just like in a great restaurant, even if you get that outstanding recipe from the chef, you’ll never make it the same – but you can make your version. We will show you the recipes and how to make them your way.  

Bhupinder will help you know your craft so you can be the best YOU, you can be. We’ll talk about:

  •  How he gets new clients
  •  What are the first words he says in an interview
  •  How to motivate a client in a meeting
  •  How to stand out by doing the proper, professional job so you get all the business and not just a sale
  •  His favourite detailed sales ideas that work in any market
  •  How he closes deals – even the mega ones
  •  Why he doesn’t do “cheap” but always provides “best value”
  •  And even a little about how fees may be coming our way and how to prepare effectively – and much more.

For those who don’t know Bhupinder… Bhupinder Anand ACII Dip PFS, is CEO and Financial Architect at Anand Financial Architecture Ltd. a firm of independent financial advisors in Central London. He has twice been awarded ‘Independent Financial Advisor of the Year’ and rated ‘Best Independent Financial Advisor in the Capital’.

With more than 20 MDRT Top of the Table qualifications, Bhupinder is a renowned international financial services speaker helping agents and advisors everywhere be at the forefront of modern business practice. He has just returned from a round the world speaking tour. He has twice spoken on the Main Platform of the MDRT Annual Meeting and at MDRT Days all around the world and is consistently one of the highest rated MDRT speakers. Bhupinder is author of ‘Smashing the Glass Ceiling – Breaking Through Your Personal Barriers to Success’.

Bhupinder is a consummate sales professional, and you will get sales and business ideas and language you can use immediately. Get the best of Bhupinder’s decades of top performance in two hours. Learn Bhupinder’s deepest sales secrets and why audiences around the world rave about him. 

At SOLIS #10, December 6th. Bhupinder you will get in in-depth look at how Bhupinder sells and how you can too – using his ideas.  

If you are a member of SOLIS, we will see you Tuesday, December 6, 2022, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST for my in-depth conversation with Bhupinder Anand. 

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See you there. 


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