Selling Living Benefits like THEIR life Depends on it! With Marg Manias

collaboration living benefits selling Dec 06, 2023

SOLIS # 22 – December 2023

The biggest reason agents don’t sell Living Benefits like income replacement and critical illness insurance is that they never had it and the proper process explained to them -  like I did years ago by my friend and living benefits expert Marg Manias.

Marg Manias is a firebrand in financial services. Even though recently retired, her influence and inspiration continues through the thousands of agents who have had the privilege of learning from her – like me. And now, in SOLIS #23 on December 12th, 2023 you will have the amazing opportunity to refresh and re-energize your insurance business with living benefits. Stand by to be amazed!

A little more about Marg. She was a successful sales advisor, Director of Training & Development, Vice-President of Sales and Business Development with a national Investment firm, and lastly, a Senior Insurance Consultant at a large multi-national company. She is as knowledgeable as she is passionate about the value of selling living benefits.

Marg has worked with Financial Advisors across Canada training and consulting on Insurance and Estate Planning matters. She is an expert at recommending the type and amount of coverage based on an expert analysis of customers' circumstances. She is a master of persuasive sales techniques.

She determined financial needs by assessing existing coverage and aligning new products and services with long-term goals. She even conducted popular Client Seminars for Advisors to inform and educate about industry options. She has done it all and there is no better resource for living benefits and THAT is why we are honoured she has agreed to be with us.

Marg is currently a resident of Ottawa, Ontario and is excited to share her ideas with us to help promote the sale of more living benefits. You’ll love her stories and she will motivate you to sell more in your market.

Marg and her bigger than life personality puts the fun into fundamentals and we will talk about topics like:

  1. Effective Cold calling
  2. Setting Appointments
  3. The Approach
  4. The Interview
  6. Asking
  7. Closing
  8. Following up and the future… AND MORE!

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS. Top professionals today are not necessarily writing the business themselves. Today’s most successful advisors are as much about COLLABORATION as they are about competition. Collaborate!

So, even if you don’t want to write this business yourself, Marg will inspire you to work with someone who can do it for you. You’ll be protecting your clients’ essential security and making money you’ve been passing up for years. You can do better.

And this session with Marg on Tuesday, December 12th at 1pm Eastern Time will show you why and how. If you truly want to be a “New Professional” you won’t miss this important SOLIS Session. See you there!

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