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sales systems strategy success Jun 18, 2022

SOLIS #5 – Featuring Wayne Cotton

The undeniable key to success in the life insurance business is having and working a sustainable system. Those who started the pandemic with one excelled and had their best years during it. Those who developed one turned things around. Those who thought about it, floundered and still are. 

If you want a sustainable system and strategy for your business or you want to fine tune the one you have so that it is even better, SOLIS #5 brings you the King of Sales Success Systems – Wayne Cotton.

Wayne Cotton, CLU overfills oversized Focus Session rooms at the MDRT Annual Meeting besides his Main Platform appearances and is a hero to other top advisors like SOLIS #4 faculty, Van Mueller. Many top agents around the world grew up with Wayne’s “Viewpoint” approach tool and his color-coded time priority system – but there is so much more, and you will be the beneficiary of his latest thinking and strategies at SOLIS 5 on July 5, 2022. This will be a classic! 

A little background on Wayne for those newer to the industry. Wayne was a qualifying member of the Million Dollar Round Table, Court of the Table or Top of the Table for 21 of his 28 years as a financial advisor. He had an extraordinary business model that allowed him to live in the city of his coice and have a booming business in another. There was no one else like him. 

Wayne implemented a succession plan for his practice and now focuses on developing training tools and programs to help other advisors achieve the amazing results that he and his client have proved are possible. Wayne Cotton, the founder of Cotton Systems Ltd., has been helping financial advisors and management teams improve their sales activity and achieve higher levels of success for more than 25 years.

Wayne has delivered over 1,000 industry speeches and workshops including main platform presentations at MDRT and many industry association annual meetings. He has spoken in 16 countries worldwide and has helped thousands of insurance agents and financial advisors enjoy higher levels of success.

Overwhelming response to Wayne’s content led to publishing of The Cotton System, the foundation for Wayne’s business success in his own practice. It was first published in 1983 and evolves and improves to meet the needs of today’s advisors in the current marketplace. The current version is called the Cotton Client Acquisition System™. Cotton Systems Ltd. also works with management and leadership teams that want to guide advisor associates to higher levels of growth.

Wayne Cotton and Cotton Systems have never been more relevant nor important than they are today. Today, these systems are advisor “life preservers” and the perfect addition to the SOLIS program. We are honored and thrilled to welcome Wayne to SOLIS and know that you will be informed and inspired to even greater heights of sales success. So…

  •  If you want to add or perfect the systems that can get you to Top of the Table and beyond… 
  •  If you want to free up more time for what’s most important to you and your family…
  •  If you want to help more and sell more in the life insurance business…

I urge you to join SOLIS for Wayne Cotton on July 5th, 2022 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm for our unique conversational session that gets the best out of the best.

And no worries if you are on vacation either. Join anyway - as usual, the program will be video recorded, and a written transcript will be provided along with any handouts so you can watch the new episode of SOLIS at your leisure – maybe around the pool later and use the best lines with a minimum of effort. Only SOLIS does this too.

I guarantee you will be re-educated, re-inspired, and re-energized by Wayne and you will easily get many times your tax-deductible investment back in success, satisfaction, and sales. An investment in your success pays the highest dividends.   

PLUS, remember, for a limited time join for Wayne Cotton and you also get full access to Bruce Etherington, Sandro Forte, Lawrence Geller, and Van Mueller. There is NO WHERE else where these icons share their secrets like at SOLIS!  

Join us Tuesday, July 5th, 2022, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT (or watch On Demand later) and learn from one of the true masters of this business, an insurance industry icon who has done so much to help so many succeed– Wayne Cotton. He can help you too!

This training session will be a highlight of your summer. Register right now at and we will see you July 5th! 

Go be Amazing!


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