AdvisorCraft with Jim Ruta

Decide to become an industry ICON.


What are you getting?

AdvisorCraft is audio podcast and report coaching program delivered right to your computer or mobile device every month that takes on the top issues that prevent you from being an ICON.


You get a downloadable podcast so you can make good use of travel time and learn on the road.

Podcast Script/Notes

You receive a Podcast Script/Notes that gives you all the ideas in writing so you can read them at your leisure or share them with your staff.

Email Your Question

You can ask me an email question each month to help personalize and customize the advice to your situation or to answer a personal business question.

Live Programs

You get first access to all Jim Ruta live programs and materials and receive a 10% discount too.

Get Re-Energized

You’ll be “re-energized” each month so you never have to feel alone again.


You can also expect subscriber only bonuses throughout the year to enhance your development experience.


You can have access to the ideas you need to Inspire people to listen to you and want your advice.

Skills & Systems

You can get the Communication skills and systems you need to tell those stories so those prospects buy from you and recommend you to others.


You can Organize your presentations, yourself and your business so you have repeatable success.

Results in Numbers

And, finally you can Numerate what you must do so you can exponentially improve your results by working your numbers.

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You never have to be alone in this great business again.

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