Advisorcraft Slashes SOLIS Membership Fees to Help Preserve and Re-Energize the Life Insurance Agent Business

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SOLIS - School of Life Insurance Selling

“The professional life insurance industry as developed in the 20th Century will disappear within two generations without better life insurance agent training and practice management”, says Advisorcraft Media president and industry thought leader Jim Ruta, Fellow of Distinguished Financial Advisors. “To turn around an old career agency adage, ‘Agents are now in business for themselves BY THEMSELVES.’ Tactical sales development and sales leadership has all but disappeared. The agents will be next. This means that a wide range of consumers around the world will lose the personal and thoughtful advice they depend on and need to protect their essential financial security.”

SOLIS, the School of Life Insurance Selling is not standing idly by to see this happen without doing everything it can to shore up the life insurance agent business. SOLIS was established by Advisorcraft Media in 2022 as a digital membership program to help preserve, promote, and propel the life insurance agent business. Now closing their second year of providing unprecedented monthly quality training conversations with the best of the best in the world, SOLIS is changing the game once again. They believe they can do more to help life insurance agents.

Effective immediately, in their 25th Anniversary Year, Advisorcraft is slashing the current SOLIS membership fee by over 60% to just $77 CAD per month. Members can save even more by paying just $770 annually. It’s like getting two months for free. Now, this means any life insurance agent anywhere can afford to join and help re-energize their activity, sales success, and revenue quickly. In addition, all current SOLIS memberships will be automatically reduced to $77 per month (plus appropriate tax if any).

Just look at the value both rookies and veterans alike receive with their tax- deductible membership:

  1. Benefit from the wisdom of our existing 23 two-hour world-class Zoom video conversations with industry experts like: Bruce Etherington, Dr. Sanjay Tolani, Bhupinder Anand, Van Mueller, Micheline Varas, George Sigurdson, Wayne Cotton, Lawrence Geller, Gail Goodman, Marg Manias, Sandro Forte, Richard Weylman, Mark Halpern, Wendy Feldman, Bill Cates, Nicolas Zabaneh, and Thomas Love… There is nowhere else to find this amazing faculty of experts that will continue to grow every month. (Value over $2,000 CAD)
  2. Included with each video is an indexed, AI Transcript of the conversation so you can read along while watching replays and have the information you need at your fingertips. (Value $500)
  3. Learn how to practice and implement your learnings each month with a 2- hour members only zoom coaching session with Jim Ruta where you can ask questions, get advice from other members too. It’s not enough to have the information, it needs to be implemented. (Value $1,000/year)
  4. Personal coaching from Jim Ruta, world-class sales coach at two one-on-one 1-hour sales coaching sessions per year. (Value $2,000)
  5. Access to the 150 plus Advisorcraft Special Reports on all things life insurance sales and practice management – and growing each month. (Value $335)
  6. Discount on general admission tickets for annual Canada Sales Congress
  7. Access to Customer Service Support at [email protected]
  8. 24/7 access to the Members Only SOLIS Portal from any Web-enabled device, anywhere so you can re-energize anytime.

*That means SOLIS is a $5,835 value for just $770 per year or $77 monthly.

What would it mean for your lifestyle if you could learn just one idea each month that increased your income by 10%? Forever?

How much business would you have to write to pay for the annual tuition? (Almost nothing really.)

Be part of the future of this great business by learning the best sales and practice management strategies anywhere. Join SOLIS and re-energize your life insurance sales regardless of your level of production today.

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