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high net worth icon insurance sales tax shelters Aug 03, 2023

Do you ever wonder what your results could be if you knew what the best agents knew? And what if you could do what they do? What could YOU do then? SOLIS #18 is your chance to find out.  

Mark Halpern CFP®, TEP, MFA-P, is one of North America’s top life insurance professionals and in the last 32 years he has learned what it takes to sell insurance at the very highest levels. Now, you don't have to do what Mark does to learn from what he does to be better. This SOLIS program will give you the inside look on some of Mark’s best sales ideas and approaches. You’ll learn how he went from being a generalist, to a Seg Fund Specialist to a CI Specialist to now a Life Insurance Hyper-specialist and made a quantum leap in production every time. You can make the same quantum leap in your business when you apply his strategies and tactics.

Mark is President and CEO of and a multi-Top of the Table MDRT qualifier. More importantly for us, Mark is my partner on a unique coaching and mentoring program now into its 4th year. Because of that, I know what mark can teach and you will get his very best advice for your practice. Mark is one of the world’s premier experts in philanthropy and the Ultra High Net Worth client marketplace. He is also a co-developer of Canada Life’s new My PAR Gift product and a nationally recognized expert on converting taxes into charity. And it is all scalable for your business and your market. 

Join us on Tuesday, April 8th at 1:00PM ET for a 2-hour conversation on how you can be your very best. We will talk about the words, stories, and questions you need to sell more cases and more premium. MUCH MORE. So, whether it’s talking about “Paul Leonard’s Boxes”, “John Savage’s Circles”, his Grandparent’s Cascade Idea, or how he became Canada’s most prolific seller of Critical Illness insurance you will get the specifics you can use immediately. Listen carefully as he talks about the HNW Client Psychology towards life insurance so you can think your way into an upper market too. Mark’s 6 reasons they buy life insurance – the professional versus civilian uses will open your eyes. Mark’s proprietary “CPP Philanthropy Strategy” will show you why clients should take CPP on time and make it last forever, not until they die – or help them make an indelible mark in their community. Discover what “Virtual Real Estate” is and how this concept can help you sell more lifetime, cash value, tax-exempt insurance too. Finally, the “No Limit TFSA” and using the “Final Four” Tax Shelters will give you new tools to multiply your income many times over. And if I know Mark there will be a lot more. There always is.

Get a sneak peak at Mark’s secrets for a fraction of what you’d pay for Power of Platinum, and you’ll see why so many advisors have done so well with it and why you can use it too. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to get sales secrets from an icon. 

You don’t have to take 32 years to learn what Mark knows. You can just take in SOLIS #18 on Tuesday, August 8th, 2023, at 1:00PM ET.

See you there. 

Jim Ruta

Principal, SOLIS

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