How to be Better than “The 1 in 100”

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SOLIS #4 - June 8, 2022, 1PM EST– Featuring Van Mueller

“The biggest reason average life insurance agents don’t become awesome life insurance agents is that they don’t have a repeatable way to assimilate the sales ideas that will get them there.” says international life insurance industry icon, Van Mueller.

In SOLIS #4 for June 2022, Van will show you how to internalize, personalize, and naturalize his questions and strategies (and others too!) so you can make the quantum leap in production you want. You don’t have to be average; you can be awesome or “awesomer”. You know Van for his amazing prospecting questions, emotional fact finder and industry leading sales strategies but this time will be different.

This time Van gives you the short course on how to make these ideas truly YOURS – so you can take advantage of them completely. Van has shared so much over the years, but it bothers him that there is so little uptake on the ideas. Oh, everyone loves the ideas, but who makes them part of their daily system and profits from them. And helps more people because of them in the process?

Not enough agents in his mind. Mine neither. 

Think about it this way. If only one in 5 agents (20%) makes a career of life insurance and only 1 in 20 (5%) earn a “living wage” as evidenced by MDRT membership, that means only 1 in 100 make it big enough to say they are accomplished. Just one. When Van made this observation recently, I was stunned – because I hadn’t made the connection and it is so very true. 

Van and I agree, that stops now.

Hi, I’m Jim Ruta, your host of SOLIS, and I promise that this new Van Mueller session will be unlike any you have experienced with Van. This is for any “agent” green, good, or great who wants to learn how to take advantage of his ideas and those of others too. Regardless of where you are in your business, this session will change your success trajectory forever. 

Van and I will be in conversation on Wednesday, June 8th at 1:00 pm about how to install the ideas you need to be your very best and not miss out on your full potential. You’ll learn the tricks Van uses to do exactly this in his own business and how you can do it too. Plus, you can be sure we will cover some new sales and prospecting questions and ideas plus a strategy or two that is working particularly well right now. This is VAN PLUS! 

If you are a Van Mueller fan, and so many of you are, I urge you to join SOLIS even just for this one event. If you don’t get what you want, and it won’t help you be better you can cancel and you’re out - but keep the bonuses.

But, if you are re-educated, re-inspired, and re-energized by this NEW CONTENT, you can stay with us and keep getting more just like this. The response to the first 3 SOLIS programs has been 5-star. We deliver on our promise to “Preserve, Promote, and Propel the life insurance agent business.”

SOLIS is a 12-month subscription program, and you get the previous 3 programs as a bonus for joining. SOLIS is powered by Advisorcraft.

You’ll get videos and transcripts for Bruce Etherington, Sandro Forte, and Lawrence Geller’s extraordinary SOLIS appearances. Anyone one of them is worth the annual subscription but you get all three PLUS Van Mueller in June. Take advantage of this unique opportunity from SOLIS – all the talent in the world to help you sell more Life Insurance. Be better than the 1 in 100!

(And you won’t believe who we have coming up! Join today and don’t miss them.)

So, join us Wednesday, June 8th, 2022, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT and experience this all-new presentation from Van. You will not regret it. Register right now at 


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