Stop Pitching – The Role of Conversations in the World of Sales

conversation sales presentation solis stop pitching Aug 29, 2023

Featuring Dean Harder from Miramar Lakes, Florida

When you can make your sales presentations effortless conversations that facilitate the buying process, you have made it to the top of the profession. You know from experience that the presentations of the greats always seem simple and conversational. If we could only know how to make ours that way too?

You can when you tune int to SOLIS #19 with the master of sales conversations, Dean Harder.

I met Dean a number of years ago and was always impressed by his calm and confident demeanour. You could quickly tell why he was an all-star in the retirement business. His new book, “Stop Pitching” explains his story and will give you insight that can help you be calm and confident in your client meetings too. That will only increase your business and satisfaction.

Here’s a little more about Dean Harder… Dean earned a degree in Agricultural Economic from the University of Minnesota buy a series of events changed his trajectory when he was 31. Today, Dean is committed to helping other people get what they want. With his new book, “Stop Pitching”, Dean is leading an effort to radically change, as well as enhance the sales experience – both for the client, as well as for the sales professional. He is a master of conversation when it comes to Conversational Selling, having moved from familiarity to mastery of the sales conversation. His SOLIS presentation will help you master your sales conversations too.

Dean is the Chief Leader of The OYRI Group where they use financial strategies, tools, and one on one coaching to help their clients see, hear, and feel their future come to life. The experience is so compelling that he has clients in 35 states.

Dean and his wife Jackie will celebrate 33 years of marriage in 2023, counting their 3 children, 2 daughters-in-law, soon-to-be son-in-law, as well as the coolest foursome of grandkids, as their greatest accomplishment in life. Dean also loves to play golf, compete in tennis, as well as ride his Harley throughout the United States.

Dean splits time between Indiana and Florida living life with friends who value conversations that go below-the-surface when it comes to the good, bad & even the ugly in life. 

My mandate at SOLIS is to bring you the best ideas, tactics, tips, tricks, techniques, and philosophies I have ever seen. The best of the best. It’s to bring you the people who I know continue to influence the best agents in the world and whose messages have changed my life so they can help change yours too.

Dean Harder is one of those people. His advice is born of real-world experience and his strategies working with clients are both common sense and extraordinary at the same time. I know you will take away super ideas you can use to be better and sell more immediately.

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