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Here are just a few attendee comments…

“… two amazing hours of genuine and open sharing of the secret sauce for insurance and financial advisors. My hand is totally cramped from writing. Bravo!” B.S. Toronto

“Fabulous presentation where ideas flowed like a crystal-clear mountain stream.” M.T., Ottawa

“What a wonderful conversation I witnessed today. Great job Jim and Bhupinder. Thanks very much.” J.S., Brampton

“It was awesome!” B.M., Milton

“Purchase will be worth 100x for what you pay. Guarantee value we all got that were on the call.” M.T., Ottawa

If you couldn’t join Bhupinder Anand, MDRT Top of the Table sales superstar and coach to the stars, Jim Ruta on Tuesday, June 22nd, live, here’s your chance to see it all anyway. Jim’s unique conversation style program is a lively, inspiring, educational, and practical 2 hours and gives you the secrets that made Bhupinder a global insurance industry icon. PLUS, receive the tools and scripts Bhupinder uses every day to use on your own. You get access to the video and PDFs of the handouts from the live event. 

The program was full of Business Building Secrets of an Icon - International Sales Superstar Bhupinder Anand

  • See how to get 3 to 5 new social media prospects every day. 
  • Learn the surprising reply to “What do you do?” that makes people want to listen to you? This is Unique Personal Branding.
  • See his actual sales process that converts more prospects into clients and what you can do.
  • Learn some amazing universal sales language that attracts more new business wherever you are or what you do.
  • Discover the sales psychology that makes people desperate to work with you.
  • AND SO MUCH MORE – Two hours just flies by!

Get all this and much, much more at an all-new Advisorcraft Global Masterclass featuring international sales superstar, Bhupinder Anand from London, England. This is a unique moderated presentation with host Jim Ruta getting the best content and the best explanations out of Bhupinder so you get the best help to build your business. You’ll love this format!


Bhupinder and Jim went live with advisors from 10 countries worldwide in a personal conversation where you are just a fly on the wall learning all the secrets Tuesday, June 22nd.  But you can still sit in when you get instant access to the recording and the handouts. It’s a lively, inspiring, and educational 2 hours of the secrets that made Bhupinder a global insurance industry icon. And you can have them right now!

Access to this master’s level program recording in life insurance sales is only a tax-deductible $147 CAD (plus tax where applicable) and includes a handout package. 

You’ll make your money back 10 times over with just one sales idea – and they apply in any market, anywhere on the globe. One advisor reported a 25 X return on their investment that same day! What could you do?! 

For those who don’t know Bhupinder… Bhupinder Anand ACII Dip PFS, is CEO and Financial Architect at Anand Financial Architecture Ltd. a firm of independent financial advisors in Central London.

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He has twice been awarded ‘Independent Financial Advisor of the Year’ and rated ‘Best Independent Financial Advisor in the Capital’.

A 20-year Top of the Table member of MDRT, Bhupinder is a renowned international financial services speaker helping agents and advisors everywhere be at the forefront of modern business practice. He has twice spoken on the Main Platform of the MDRT Annual Meeting and at MDRT Days all around the world and is consistently one of the highest rated MDRT speakers. Bhupinder is author of ‘Smashing the Glass Ceiling – Breaking Through Your Personal Barriers to Success’.

Bhupinder is a consummate sales professional, and you will get sales and business ideas and language you can use immediately. Get the best of Bhupinder’s decades of top performance in two hours. Learn Bhupinder’s deepest sales secrets and why audiences around the world rave about him.

Popular life insurance tactical coach, Jim Ruta BA RHU EPC created the Global Advisorcraft Masterclass program to show you exactly what tactics top advisors use to produce big business. Top producers have already included Van Mueller, Mark Halpern, Eszylfie Taylor and more are on the way. He brings the best of the business to the rest of the business. 

Jim moderates the program to make sure you get the best ideas and know how to use those tactics to ramp up your own results right now.

Jim’s experience, excitement, and enthusiasm for the business squeezes the best out of his guests so you get more. This is not just another advisor showcase covering practice highlights or a company infomercial. This is high quality content you can use and make money now. No other web program goes into this detail about the tactics that make you money. 

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