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  •  Would you like to sell hundreds of cases in a young family and small business market every year like a Top of the Table producer does himself? 
  •  Would you like the details of what he says and does to get the prospects and business that make him TOT every year?
  •  Would you like to know how he schedules 4 to 5 appointments every working day and still takes months off each year?
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You can, when you watch the TWO-HOUR Advisorcraft George Sigurdson Masterclass and you have lifetime access to it. 

George Sigurdson is not your stereotypical Top of the Table Qualifier. He’s an Everyday Superstar. Rather than focusing on just a few mega cases each year, he still writes hundreds of cases. And rather than just the high-end business market, the average age of his current clients is just 24. That means that his ideas are transferable to anyone who wants to be better. His ideas will work in your market, today. 

Hi, I’m Jim Ruta, host of the Advisorcraft George Sigurdson Masterclass here to help you take in this rare and amazing opportunity to sit in on a no holds barred conversation with one of the World’s top life insurance agents and genuinely good guys.  George is not just one of Canada’s top life insurance advisors, he is one of the best in the world. 

George started in the business at 22 and is a 47-year MDRT member with 22 Court of the Table and 20 Top of the Table honours. He is president of Sigurdson Financial Group in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with more than 3,000 clients, $200 million of investment assets, and manages benefits and pensions for more than 200 corporate clients. His book, “In Search of Friends” is handbook for young agents starting out. 

George and I have been friends for more than 40 years and I know that his ideas will reenergize your attitude and your business. George and I will talk about EVERYTHING he does and how he does it so you can duplicate his best ideas in your business. 

This is not a talk about a business style you can’t appreciate. George will reveal the language and the sales ideas that he uses every day with families and small business owners and that are transferrable to ANYONE’S business in any country. Whether you are a rookie or a veteran, this will be the best 2 hours you spend all year adding to your business process. 

George will talk about the sort of business he writes today and with whom. He will share his approach and how he gets all the prospects he needs too. He’ll repeat the exact language he uses to make the sales. He’ll explain how he schedules his time. You’ll see and hear what he does to attract both big business and small business alike. You’ll get his different sales approaches and why he uses so much Cash Value Life Insurance. You’ll get his best stories and power phrases so you can use them too. You’ll catch his enthusiasm for the business and come away refreshed, reenergized, and maybe even reinvented.  

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