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  • Want to know what Super Star Advisor, Van Mueller learned from the Pandemic that Turbo-Charged HIS Production?
  • If Van improved his business during the pandemic, do you think you could too? Would you like to know how?
  • If you knew the NEW QUESTIONS that Have come from the economics of the pandemic and how to use them to convert people into prospects, would that increase your business?
  • Could you add to your performance if you knew the new prospecting insights that the pandemic gave Van?
  • Would it be helpful to know what Van says hasn’t changed because of the pandemic and how you can use it to sell more?
  • Want to hear the new questions Van is using to still get 5 to 6 appointments 5 every day of the week and qualify for TOT in April?
  • Want to know how Van has ADAPTED and capitalized on the current situation so you can model it in your business?
  • Would you like a top coach explaining how to use the ideas whatever your business?
  • We’ve had a market crash, a lockdown, a market rebound, and Van says it sets the stage for an even bigger opportunity coming up – would you like to know what that is before it happens so you and your clients can take advantage of it?

Van says the future for insurance advisors continues to be better than it has ever been, and he will tell you why and how you can leverage it for your best year ever, in the craziest time we’ve ever experienced.

You want to be on this unique, 2-hour sales idea conversation between super agent Van Mueller and his coach Jim Ruta. It’s like you’re a fly on the wall as they discuss the best sales ideas in the business. Imagine the lessons you will take away!  

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Van Mueller Ignites Your Sales Afterburners

with Jim Ruta by Advisorcraft 

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

1:00 PM to 3:00 PM ET - via Zoom

 This over 2-hour webinar features 31-year TOT producer and NAIFA and MDRT favorite, Van Mueller and his coach MDRT main platform alumnus and president of Advisorcraft, Jim Ruta revealing the sales and prospecting takeaways brought on by the pandemic. It’s jam packed with ideas, questions and approaches that are ideally suited to this unprecedented time. 

Van will give you his unique insight, perspective and questions that drive his extraordinary business. Jim will help you translate them into practical strategies you can implement immediately to drive your business. These are ideas that will work across borders and in any market. Jim will make sure you get what you need from this content.

Your registration INCLUDES the 2-hour Zoom webinar video valued at $195 and a copy of Jim’s new Special Report, “How to Be a Class Act”, valued at $50 and including “The 3 Ways Prudent Investors and The Wealthy Use Life Insurance. That’s a $245 value, included when you register. 

But your tax-deductible registration is only $127 USD and you are guaranteed to get ideas that will pay off many times more than that. Get the information that will take you to the next performance level up while the opportunity is the greatest. Set yourself up for a record-breaking end to 2021 with this information. 

Remember, Tuesday, August 31, 2021, 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM ET.

Register now as seating is limited. See you soon!

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P.S. Yes! You will get a lifetime access to the recording. 

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