Are you a Financial Advisor who wants to do better in the life insurance business?

Experience full day with MDRT Top of the Table producer Van Mueller.

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  • Is the status quo good enough for you or do you want to grow to be the best you can be?
  • How much would an extra 25 or 50% of your production be worth to you each year?
  • Do you suppose that an advisor who writes over 1,000 cases each year might know something about the business to help you do better too?
  • Are you building a life or just a business?
  • Would learning the everyday activities of a world class advisor be worth investing one day of your time?

Now you can take part in a first time ever opportunity to learn from one of the world’s best life insurance advisors – an MDRT Top of the Table qualifier who started very slowly and then one day, made it over the hump – to a 30 consecutive year run at the Top of the Table. He knows you can do it too!

Advisorcraft LIVE presents, MDRT Main Platform and Top of the Table Speaker and 1,000 case per year producer, Van Mueller recorderd in Toronto, Thursday, October 24th, 2019 at the Marriott Toronto Airport Hotel. Hosted by MDRT Main Platform Speaker and tactical coach to leading Life Insurance Advisors around the world, Jim Ruta, this was a full day of learning the details of what it takes to achieve at the top of your potential.

Van and Jim will dig into specifically what it takes to get over the “average” hump and get to the next level. You’ll get the inside story on what Van does and how he does it to produce over 1,000 cases each year and still take 5 months per year off. You’ll find out how he prospects and plans so he can qualify for Top of the Table in the first quarter of the year. You will see why Van is the poster boy for the Advisorcraft ICON Protocol and how you can implement those tactics in your business too.

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Mark Halpern, CFP, TEP

Jim Ruta cares about our wonderful industry and has always raised the bar for advisors. Having a forum with Van Mueller was priceless. I learned more ideas that I have space for in my notebook. Thank you, Jim and G_d bless you Van!!

Asaf Halpern, Experiror Financial Group

This seminar should be a must part of our compliance exam. No different than having to take AML, RESP and other certifications.

Richard Knabenschuh

An incredibly passionate day by two individuals who speak from the heart. Invaluable tips on simplifying our practice. Cannot wait till we meet again.

Scott Mc Callum

Most of those attending are already personally successful but as a new advisor I still understood everything and feel as though I’m leapfrogging the most common mistakes.

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