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life insurance prospecting sandro forte solis strategy Mar 10, 2022

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After a hugely successful debut with industry icon Bruce Etherington, SOLIS continues with Episode 002 and international industry icon, Sandro Forte! 

Sandro Forte FCII, FPFS, FPSA is the CEO of the Forte Financial Group, one of the UK’s most highly respected and recognised financial advisory and wealth management firms. Sandro has built a business that centres on relationships and client service. He represents the interests of some of the UK's wealthiest and highest profile sports stars, celebrities, and business owners, with all new enquiries coming from personal introduction from existing clients or from other professionals. He proudly leads a business which has never had an advice or service-related complaint in its entire existence. Sandro gives back to the industry and has helped over 400,000 advisers around the world achieve greater success. He is the author of the best-selling book “Dare To Be Different”. 

Sandro agrees – we don’t have a sales problem in this industry, we have an Appointment Problem. When you have no appointments, you obviously have no new business and depression and disappointment soon follow. But Sandro brings hope! SOLIS 002 continues with Sandro showing you how you can increase your appointment getting success ration from 5% to 75%! Imagine what you could do with 10 or even 15 times MORE APPOINTMENTS from the same leads and prospects!

You don’t have to imagine. If you are a SOLIS member, you will find out Tuesday, April 5th, 2022, from 1:00PM to 3:00PM EDT when SOLIS principal Jim Ruta interviews Sandro to reveal his best appointment getting ideas and strategies so you can make more appointments and more sales in the process. You’ll also get the video, audio, and AI Transcript like always too. 

If you are not a SOLIS Member, you can join now and get the video, audio, and transcript of SOLIS 001 and Bruce Etherington as a bonus. It’s two compelling hours of classic Bruce at his best. This is a record of one the best insurance salespeople ever and it is yours when you subscribe. Check it out and join at  Could there be a better incentive?

But there is more. I will also be going to the Advisorcraft Vault for prospecting reports that will help you find more prospects to call too. It’s the perfect combination to dramatically increase your life insurance sales. 

Wondering Why SOLIS?

As a tactical coach to some of the world’s best life insurance advisors, I’m tired of watching the others struggle because they can’t sell professionally like the icons do. Too many advisors I meet don’t have the sales skills they need to deliver their knowledge to their prospects effectively and get the results they want. Because of that: 

  •  They can’t find a prospect and they don’t know what to say when they do. 
  •  They can’t get enough appointments. 
  •  They don’t know how to choose the right product. 
  •  They can’t make a good presentation. 
  •  They can’t close a deal. 
  •  They don’t know how to service their business. 
  •  And they are lost in virtual sales. 

What’s worse, insurance advisors tend to use business development ideas that apply ONLY TO investment and financial planning practices, and they expect to be insurance all-stars. Except insurance industry all-stars are doing something else altogether. 

I’m Jim Ruta and if you want to be a top insurance sales professional and earn what they earn. Or if you are underperforming your potential today and you want to learn from the best in the business and their coach, you need SOLIS. It’s all about what all-stars do.

SOLIS is the new, live, virtual “School Of Life Insurance Sales” dedicated to providing green, good and Great life insurance advisors the professional sales skills they need to build their best business. 

This is a monthly subscription program you can start anytime and cancel anytime too. SOLIS uses a conversational approach between world-class coaches, trainers, and top life insurance advisors and me. We will cover every aspect of the professional sales process and discuss it in detail with a top producing practitioner. 

You’ll learn timeless truths, time-tested strategies and tactics, and new ideas that boost your business. You receive recordings of each session, educational handouts, a subscription to Advisorcraft Online coaching reports and podcasts, and exposure to some of the best advisors in the world. This way you can model the best in the business. 

Get more details and subscribe at or contact me, Jim Ruta at [email protected]. 

God bless. 


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