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life insurance prospecting sales sales professional Apr 13, 2022

SOLIS #3 – Featuring Lawrence Ian Geller  

Do you want your business to be Smart, Focused, Sustainable, and Profitable? SOLIS #3 will introduce you to everything you need to know.

Many people are embarrassed to be called a Life Insurance Agent but not our next guest industry icon at SOLIS. Lawrence Ian Geller is an extraordinarily successful Canadian insurance professional and as he says, “I’m not a tax or estate lawyer, tax accountant, or a trust officer. I help clients make informed decisions about their life insurance needs, period.” Lawrence is a professional Life Insurance Agent of the highest order and here’s why you should be too. 

I promise this will be a session like you have never experienced from an icon everyone needs to hear. This is for any “agent” green, good, or great. When you know from Lawrence, “What I have learned” you will have the basis to take your business anywhere you want to go.

If there is a smarter, more well read, more competent, more compliant, or more effective life insurance agent anywhere, I have neither seen nor heard of them. Lawrence is one of the industry’s very best and most successful anywhere. This is not hyperbole. You can find Lawrence’s CV elsewhere in but here are the highlights:

Lawrence Ian Geller is president of L.I. Geller Insurance Agencies Ltd. outside of Toronto. Among his prodigious educational credentials, he challenged the CLU and TEP and qualified for both in the same week. He is the Moderator and Founder of an online financial services discussion board. Lawrence and I co-founded The Canada Sales Congress. He is a recognized expert in the design and administration of Disability Income and Group Benefit plans for Partners in Professional Firms and claim and litigation support for disability, life, critical illness, long term care. He is a highly regarded industry consultant on agent and advisor governance and compliance issues, life & health insurance policies, plans and programs, and a leading speaker on Disability Income, Seminar Selling, Target Marketing and Marketing Techniques, Permission Marketing, Fiduciary Duty, Regulatory Issues and Concerns. Lawrence is in demand as an Expert Witness in the areas of Insurance Agent Ethical Conduct, Policy and Contractual Provisions, Insurability, Benefit Payment Provisions for Disability and Life Insurance, Replacement, Agent Conduct at Juridic and Administrative levels. He does Joint Work with very senior agents (MDRT/COT/TOT) in Canada, the USA, and the UK and for Major Agency Association Groups, other groups and regulators in Canada. Among many awards and distinctions, Lawrence has been awarded the 2021 JG Taylor Award by the Institute for Advanced Financial Education and the 2006 Distinguished Lifetime Service Award by The International DI Society. He also received the Kidney Foundation of Canada - Organ Donation Award for Distinguished Service to Organ Donation in Canada. 

This rare conversation with a true Canadian insurance icon, will help you set the stage for establishing the best version of your business - one that is smart, focused, sustainable, and profitable. You will learn things you have never considered. You will understand the business like you never have. You will get a whole new level of basics that will change your financial trajectory forever.  

Here’s just a smattering of what you will learn and the sales wisdom you will absorb! (Thank heavens for video and transcription.)

  •  You’ll learn the value of being a laser beam not a flashlight. Lawrence will explain why he is laser-focused and how it makes him more helpful, not less. 
  •  Times have changed but people haven’t. The past is relevant. Prospects and clients, especially the lawyers he works with, are afraid to ask questions but they still need help. There is a way to get them to ask and Lawrence shows you how to ask the best questions. 
  •  Do you want to understand “professional prospecting”? He’ll explain how he uses “permission marketing” to attract the prospects he wants to work with and why he never gives up on a prospect until he decides he doesn’t want to work with them. Permission marketing is simply how to get people to call you back to ask questions. 
  •  Ben Feldman said, “life insurance is just money at a discount for future delivery.” Lawrence uses this idea to explain how to help people to get over their prejudices about life insurance. After all, like 
  •  Want to increase your policy persistency? Lapses happen because clients take “delivery” but not “possession” of their policy. They must feel like they own the policy. You must help people understand their insurance and why they have it. Then, they take delivery AND they take possession. Lawrence will explain.
  •  Can you get them “On the Hook?” Before you can help them, you must. Lawrence will explain how he does it. 
  •  Want to know how to have more meetings in less time with less effort? Lawrence shows you how. 
  •  Understand how to use control in a client relationship so everyone wins… and how this leads to prospects coming to you.
  •  Discover what it really means to be a Sales Professional and why it attracts introductions.
  •  Using your biggest cheque to motivate you.
  •  Why you are MUCH better than you think and how to use that to be more successful. 
  •  How a top professional deals with rejection… yes it happens to them too!
  •  Want to know how to write a “Bullet Proof Application”? You will not believe how this needs to be done. Lawrence will show you how he does it by talking about their health in the sales process and sharing his health challenges to get them to share theirs. This provides bulletproof detail for the underwriters. 
  •  Scripts and practicing on people who said no help him be sharp. Learn what he does to be the professionals’ professional.
  •  Finally, you’ll learn how to explain concepts like “age nearest” others so people get it instantly and your problems go away. You’ll also learn how to use third-party influence so increase your influence. 
  •  And there is even more wisdom for us all!

I have learned more from; through; and with Lawrence Geller about life insurance sales than from anyone else in my coming up to 45 years in this business. Lawrence is the consummate “student of the business” and I believe that EVERYONE MUST HEAR what he has to say. This is the foundation upon which anyone can build the business of their dreams. 

So, I urge you to join SOLIS even just for this one event. If you don’t get what you hear you can cancel and you’re out - but keep the bonuses including an amazing handout.

But, if you are re-educated, re-inspired, and re-energized, you can stay with us and keep getting more just like this. 

Join us Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT and learn from one of the masters, a true icon – Lawrence Geller. You will not regret it. Register right now at 







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